Support for Innovative Methodology, Approaches and Tools for Teaching through the Medium of English in order to improve Educational Field, Sustainability and Internationalization (SMARTI)

Project number 

Duration  36 months (2021-2024)
Grant  936 824 €  

Applicant (Coordinator)


Technical University Dresden – Germany

Gerard Patrick Cullen –




Public Administration Academy of RA (PAARA); Arsen Lokyan –

Vanadzor State University (VSU); Susanna Tumanyan –

Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU); Vardan Urutyan –

Shirak State University (ShSU); Yervand Serobyan –

Goris State University (GorSU); Artush Ghukasyan –

National Center for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation (ANQA); Ruben Topchyan –


EU partners




Riga Technical University – Latvia

Catholic University of Portugal – Portugal

Liverpool John Moores University – UK




Russian Federation

Ogarev Mordovia State University

Irkutsk National Research Technical University

Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education

Petrozavodsk University

Certification Association Russian Register


Project Summary

EMI (English Medium Instruction) implies using the English language to teach academic MA and PhD in science, math, medicine, engineering, IT etc. in countries where English is not the official language and in which the students’ first language is not English.

Armenian and Russian universities are attempting this at the moment as the description form explains. However, although the teaching of EMI non-language study programs is becoming a global phenomenon outside Anglo-Saxon countries the quality in Armenia and Russia is very uneven with little staff training.
● Evaluate AM & RU practices in teaching academic content in English (EMI teaching) and EMI competence enhancement
● Study best European practices in teaching academic content in English (EMI teaching) and EMI staff competence enhancement
● Create model and professional competences descriptor of university teacher of academic content in English.
● Conduct efficient Start Off meeting to ensure full implementation of project goals, create management teams and Quality Control Plan.
● Develop and set-up the network of EMI Training Centres including development of documentation, intake and training of staff for the Centres. People, knowledge and facilities are connected within the Centres, allowing for the creation of new connections and solutions on a sustainable basis.
● Train PC universities staff in European best practices in both ESP (English Language Audit, ongoing support for weaker participants and soft skills for stronger ones plus ECTS training to bring participants up to CEFR B2 level) and in EMI best practice teaching.
● PC partners develop and pilot (2 times) 9 EMI Staff pedagogical training Modules for trainee teacher students and for staff in Armenia and Russia using ECTS/Tuning Modular framework. 
● Develop EMI Pedagogical (pdf and hardcopy) Handbook for all faculty use.
Overall impact are outputs professionalism and internationalization.