Erasmus+ Armenian Statistics


Selection Results for Calls 2015 -2019 indicate that Armenian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) were involved in 506 winning projects envisaging 3749 mobilities. The students and staff of Armenian HEIs will be able to participate in 2491 mobilities at Programme Country HEIs and our universities will host 1258 students and staff from Programme Countries.

The preliminary list (to be updated continuously) of Armenian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) involved in ICM projects with Programme Country HEIs (2015-2019) can be found here.

The contacts of International Relations Offices (IROs) or other units responsible for Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility at Armenian Higher Education Institutions can be found here

Selection Results for Calls 2015 - 2020 Combined

These charts summarize the history of the Erasmus+ KA107 International Credit Mobility statistics including Armenian HEIs for 2015 through 2020. The charts will be updated through the course of new projects to be selected under KA107. 

Overall 764 ICM applications with Armenian HEIs where submitted in 2015 (83), 2016 (99), 2017 (125), 2018 (145), 2019 (174) and 2020 (178) out of which 638 were selected for funding, thus reaching a cumulated success rate of 77%. The majority of these projects are with Spanish and Italian universities.

Other projects include Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Greece, France, Portugal, Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, UK, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. 

To read the numbers and other data, put the cursor on the lines and columns on the graphs below. Some Programme countries have the same number of projects with Armenian HEIs and are hence presented in clusters

Selection Results by Call (2015 -2020)

Projects with Programme Countries (2015 - 2021)

The total number of mobilities to and from Armenia has undergone the following transformations escalating from 367 mobilities in 2015, 646 in 2016, 888 in 2017 and slightly dropping down to 849 in 2018. However, in 2019 the number has regained a higher position reaching up to 999 single mobilities and in 2020 increased to 1065. In 2022, Armenian HIEs secured grants for 1200 mobility participants (students and staff, incoming and outgoing).  

Number of Armenian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) involved in ICM Projects

Call 2015 - 15HEIs
Call 2016 - 22HEIs
Call 2017 - 28HEIs
Call 2018 - 22HEIs
Call 2019 - 25HEIs
Call 2020 25HEIs
In Total 25HEIs

The preliminary list (to be updated continuously) of Armenian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) involved in ICM projects with Programme Country HEIs (2015-2019) can be found here.

Planned Mobilities to/from Armenia in 2022

Planned Mobilities to/from Armenia in 2020

Planned Mobilities to/from Armenia in 2019

Planned Mobilities to/from Armenia in 2018

Planned Mobilities to/from Armenia in 2017

Planned Mobilities to/from Armenia in 2016

Planned Mobilities to/from Armenia in 2015

Planned Mobilities to/from Armenia in 2022

Planned Mobilities to/from Armenia in 2020

Planned Mobilities to/from Armenia in 2019

Planned Mobilities to/from Armenia in 2018

Planned Mobilities to/from Armenia in 2017

Planned Mobilities to/from Armenia in 2016

Planned Mobilities to/from Armenia in 2015

A definite increase has been registered in the ratio between student and staff mobility. If in 2015 only 162 academic and administrative staff could profit from Erasmus+ exchange (incoming and outgoing), in 2016 this number has increased twice, summing up to 347. In 2017 the number of staff mobilities mounted up to 491 and in 2018 it reached 507. In 2019 the number of academic and administrative staff exchanges was 597. Finally, in 2020 the number peaked up to 624

As compared to 2015, the current number of incoming mobilities from Programme countries to Armenia has grown from 67 to 792.  

For more robust statistical information on separate ICM Calls 2015 – 2019, including selection results per region, click here.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) scholarships have been offered to applicants from Armenia since 2004. From 2004 to 2023, 171 Armenians have been awarded full scholarships for Joint Master’s programmes and this number is growing each year. In 2023 10 successful applicants received full scholarships for studying in Portugal,  UK, France, Denmark, Israel and Italy. These students will be studying in the following EMJMDs/EMJMCs:

  • Photonics for Security, Reliability and Safety
  • European Master in Public Health (Europubhealth+)
  • Kino Eyes – The European Fiction Master
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Programme in Brain and Data Science (NeuroData)
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Global Environment and Development (MERGED)
  • International Master’s programme in Quantum Science and Technology (QUARMEN)
  • European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy (BIOCEB)
  • Master in Cyberspace Behavior and E-therapy (CYBER)

To read the numbers and other data, put the cursor on the lines on the graph below.
Please, note that minor changes to these statistics may be possible due to cancellations and consequent promotions of candidates from the reserve list.

Scholarship Grantees from Armenia since 2004

Application & Selection Results (2014 - 2023)

This section provides statistical data about submitted applications and the numbers of Erasmus Mundus Master Programmes’ scholarship grantees from Armenia.  
Please, note that minor changes to these statistics may be possible due to cancellations and consequent promotions of candidates from the reserve list.

To read the numbers and other data, put the cursor on the lines on the graphs below.

Submitted Applications and Scholarship Grantees from Armenia

Selection Results 2022

In 2022, Yerevan State University has been successful in applying and winning the first Erasmus Mundus Design Measure project “Developing Joint Master’s degree programme in European Studies: Law, Governance and Communication”/DEGES/ is a project to be implemented by five universities from Armenia (Coordinator), Georgia, Germany, Latvia and Lithuania.  The details of this project can be found below.

Project name: Developing Joint Master’s programme in European Studies: law, governance and communication/ DEGES

Project number: 101082758

Funding: Lump sum/ 55,000.00 €

Duration: 15 months

Project Start: October 1, 2022

Coordinator University: Yerevan State University, Centre for European Studies

Contact person: Kristine Gevorgyan, 

Partners  involved:

  • Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia
  • University of Jena, Germany
  • Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Latvia
  • Vilnius University, Lithuania


Developing Joint Master’s degree programme in European Studies: Law, Governance and Communication/DEGES/ is a project proposed by the Yerevan State University to be implemented by five universities from Armenia, Georgia, Germany, Latvia and Lithuania. The main aim of the project is to develop and design fully functional new interdisciplinary and innovative Erasmus Mundus joint master programme in accordance with the Standards for Quality Assurance of Joint programmes in the EHEA that can be accredited by national and/or international quality assurance agency.

Project objectives are to promote modernisation and internationalisation of programme curriculum, to develop system supporting admission of international students and their inclusion into university life, to enhance network of universities, academics and researchers and their integration into European Higher Education Area, to enhance internationalisation of higher education through implementation of transnational project.

Within the frames of the project a series of events are planned to include capacity building trainings for academic staff, workshops and events with participation of stakeholder/s, policymaker/s, labour market representatives, academia. The final results of the project will be presented during final conference with participation of programme beneficiaries, stakeholders, students and policy makers.


(1) to identify existing gaps and challenges in establishing joint master programme in target universities,

(2) to promote innovation by introducing new methods in teaching, learning and research;

(3) to foster internationalisation of participating universities by promoting project outcomes;

(4) to develop European quality interdisciplinary programme granting double/multiple degrees.

The project will contribute to (1) modernisation of European Studies teaching in partner countries, Armenia and Georgia, (2) enhancement of quality assurance at all universities and promotion of internationalisation of universities and programme.

The needs assessment to be conducted at the start of the project will identify strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities at all universities. The results of the needs assessment will be used for development of integrated study plan, finding correct balance between specialisation tracks, capacity building of teaching and administrative staff, development of necessary quality assurance, assessment and evaluation strategy, admission requirements, etc. More importantly the project will help the participants to identify availability of student support systems at partner universities, elaborate student agreement document. Another important factor would be elaboration of sustainability strategy for the programme including fundraising, correct dissemination and communication plan, etc. Quality assurance and programme accreditation of the Joint programme will be the goal of the project, hence ensuring project sustainability for future. 

34 Capacity Building Higher Education (CBHE) Projects have been implemented in Armenia since 2015 till 2022. The list of the projects can be found here.
11 of them are or have been coordinated by the Armenian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs):

Project Title Coordinating HEI
Library Network Support Services: modernising libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus through library staff development and reforming librarie (LNSS) Public Administration Academy of RA (PAARA)
Boosting Armenian Universities Internationalization Strategy & Marketing (BOOST) Armenian State Pedagogical University (ASPU)
Development and Implementation of Social Dimension Strategies in Armenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina through Cross-regional Peer Learning (INCLUSION) Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts (YSAFA)

Promoting internationalization of research through establishment of Cycle 3 QA System in line with the European Agenda (C3QA); 

Introducing work-based learning in higher education systems of Armenia and Moldova for better employability of graduates (WBL4JOB)

French University in Armenia Foundation (UFAR)
Change in Classroom: Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning to Enhance Student Learning Experience in Eastern Partnership Countries (Printel) Yerevan State University (YSU)
Doctoral Programmes in Public Health and Social Science (DPPHSS) Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi (YSMU)
Reforming Doctoral Education in Armenia in Line with Needs of Academia, Industry and Current EU Practices (ARMDOCT) Eurasia International University (EIU)
Development of Aquaculture and Fisheries Education for Green Deal in Armenia and Ukraine: From Education to Ecology (AFISHE) Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU)
Competences for International Innovation Projects (CompIIT) European University in Armenia (EUA)
Transforming Graduate Education for Green and Sustainable Future (T-Green) National University of Architecture and Construction in Armenia (NUACA)

Involvement of Armenian HEIs in 34 CBHE Projects

Involvement of other Organisations in 34 CBHE Projects

Involvement of European countries in 34 CBHE Projects with Armenian partners

Involvement of other non-EU Countries in 34 CBHE Projects with Armenian partners

More detailed information on all KA 2 Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education projects granted funding from 2015 till 2022 (including Armenia) can be found here.

As a result of the 1st Call for applications 2021  under the Capacity Building for Vocational Education and Training (CBVET) Action, 3 projects were selected with participation of Armenia VET institutions. The list of the projects can be found here.

Project Title Coordinating VET
Developing Social Entrepreneurship schemes for VET institutions in Neighbourhood East (SE VET) COSVITEC SOCIETA CONSORTILE ARL – Italy
VET partnership For Green and Smart Electricity in Buildings (VET4GSEB) SOFIA ENERGY CENTRE LTD – Bulgaria

Involvement of Armenian Partners in CBVET projects

Involvement of Associated country partner institutions in 3 CBVET Projects with Armenia

Jean Monnet Actions with Armenian Participation

From 2015 to 2022, 2 Jean Monnet Networks, 2 Jean Monnet Projects and 4 Jean Monnet Modules were approved and selected for funding. For detailed information about these projects, please refer to the list below.


Selection Results 2022

As a result of the Call 2022, Eurasia International University has won funding to establish a Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Chair in EU Legal Studies and Legal Europeanization. It is the first Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law in Armenia.

The Chair holder is Dr Anna Khvorostiankina, Head of the EIU Law Department.

The objective of the Jean Monnet Chair is to serve as a hub of knowledge in the field of EU Law and the processes of Europeanization of legal orders beyond the EU’s borders. The implementation of the project will hopefully lead to a better implementation of the EU-Armenia CEPA and further deepening of EU-Armenia relations.

The Chair aims to:

(1) further advance the teaching of European Legal Studies, also to non-law students,

(2) foster research and consolidate the local academic community and

(3) strengthen the dialogue between the academia and decision-makers through tailor-made training and methodological support.

The courses taught by the Chair will be integrated into the EIU existing curricula, the innovative Master Program in Law and Sustainable Development (“Constitutional Law and Theory of Law” specialization), as well as certificate programs offered to external participants. 

For more information visit

Selection Results 2020

“EU and EAEU: Between Conflict and Competition, Convergence and Cooperation” EUCON Network is among the winning projects of the EU Erasmus+ Programme’s “Jean Monnet Network” Action in 2020, where Armenia is represented by the Armenian State University of Economics. The aim of EUCON is to explore the full range of EU-EAEU relations, which is characterized by conflict and competition, convergence and cooperation (possible). Seminars, international summer schools, joint research, seminars using innovative didactic methods, creation of an interactive learning website, round table discussions, joint public events presenting the project outcomes to a wider audience outside the scientific field will be held in order to achieve the goals of the project.

Albert Hayrapetyan and Susanna Aghajanyan, PhDs in Economics and Assistant Professors at the Chair of International Economic Relations, are involved in the project.

Selection Results 2019

Selection Results 2016

Selection Results 2015

Since September 2015 the Centre for European Studies of Yerevan State University has been awarded 23831.04 EUR as part of the Jean Monnet Network “Developing European Studies in the Caucasus” (DESCNet project). DESCnet is designed to enhance the level of European Studies in the Caucasus. Its main goal is to create a scholarly association, namely “Association of European Studies for the Caucasus”, AESC.