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Erasmus+ Higher Education

Changing lives, opening minds!

Who We Are

About us

The mandate of the National Erasmus+ Office in Armenia (NEO-Armenia) covers all supporting, promotion, monitoring and dissemination activities related to the higher education dimension of the Erasmus+ Programme.

Our Mission

NEO-Armenia contributes to the following overall objectives:
- to improve the awareness, visibility, relevance, effectiveness and impact of the international components of the Erasmus+ programme
- contribute to its promotion and dissemination in Armenia.

Alumni testimonials

Some Golden Words

“Erasmus+ is a unique program creating equal opportunities for all young people around the world. It is a life-changing journey, where you gain large network of like-minded professionals and friends. It instills in you values and approaches so important for becoming a global citizen, making you compatible in a world job market. It gives scholastic and cultural experiences opening wider horizons. If I were given a chance I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

- Satenik Khachatryan

“Erasmus Mundus project was the best experience in my life. I had the opportunity to live and study in Iasi, Romania, which was helpful both for my professional skills and personal development. I will never forget the slogan "Once Erasmus, forever Erasmus" and I'll be the happiest person if I have the second chance to study abroad, to be Erasmus student again.”

- Tatevik Arzumanyan

“Within the framework of Erasmus Mundus project I had an awesome opportunity to study and live in Czech Republic which changed the flow of my goals and thoughts. I got another strategy how to study and use the knowledge practically, how to have hundreds of friends from different parts of the World!”

- Astghik Isakhanyan

Latest Posts

07 Jun
Cluster Meeting “University-Business Collaborations through Innovation and Work-Based Learning”
On 2 June 2021, the National Erasmus+ Office in Armenia (NEO-Armenia) together with the German Business Association (DWV) ...
25 May
Consultation Meeting on Jean Monnet Applications
On the 24th of May 2021, the National Erasmus Office of Armenia and the Center of Interdisciplinary Studies of Brusov State ...
27 Apr
Online Meeting with Students Dedicated to Erasmus+ Scholarship Programmes
On the 26th of April 2021, the Foreign Relations Committee of the Student Council of Yerevan State University initiated an ...

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