Depending on the countries involved in the Capacity Building Higher Education (CBHE) Project, National, Regional or Cross Cutting priorities may be defined for both categories of projects (Joint Projects and Structural Projects). Should this be the case, projects will have to demonstrate how and to which extent they address these priorities.
Proposals not respecting the national and/or regional priorities will not be considered for funding. Cross-cutting priorities will be considered at selection stage for deciding between proposals of similar quality.

Three categories of national/regional priorities are proposed, covering the following areas:

  • Subject areas (for curriculum development);
  • Improving management and operation of higher education institutions;
  • Developing the higher education sector within society at large.

National priorities are established in close consultation between the EU Delegations and the Ministries responsible for higher education in the eligible Partner Countries concerned.

Regional priorities are established by the Commission services based on the EU’s external policy priorities and objectives with the Partner Countries’ regions as identified in its regional strategic documents relating to the different funding instruments.

National and Regional Priorities for Armenia can be found here


National projects, in the countries where national priorities have been established, will have to comply with national priorities. For the other countries, projects will have to comply with the regional priorities. Multi-country projects, that is, projects involving institutions from at least two eligible Partner Countries, must respect the regional priorities or national priorities (if relevant) of the participating eligible Partner Countries involved. That is, the theme of the project must be listed as regional priority for each of the participating Partner Countries or the theme of the project must be listed as a national priority for each of the participating Partner Countries concerned. Preference will be given to projects focusing on subject areas insufficiently covered by past or existing projects and which include Partner Country higher education institutions not having benefited from or had a limited participation in the programme and/or former generation of programmes.
The detailed list of priorities applying to CBHE projects is published on the website of the Executive Agency under each Call.