Who we are



  • Promote and disseminate all information regarding those actions and activities opened to the participation of Armenia within the international higher education & vocational education and training dimension of the Erasmus+ Programme.
  • Organise conferences, seminars, information days, and other actions and events to promote the Erasmus+ programme and to exploit its results.
  • Respect and disseminate the required visibility guidelines concerning acknowledgement of EU financing of Erasmus+ projects and activities.
  • Support the Commission and the EACEA for the organisation of Erasmus+ events in Armenia.
  • Consultations
  • Awareness Raising


  • Advise, inform and assist newcomers, potential applicants and beneficiaries.
  • Organise information meetings, seminars, consultations.
  • Assist local organisations in the search of national or foreign partners, as well as foreign organisations in the search of local partners.
  • Assist organisations (HEIs and other types of institutions) as well as individuals (students, university staff, professionals, etc.) involved in Erasmus+ activities (in relation to visa, tax, insurance, importing equipment, contacts with local authorities and the EU Delegation, etc.).
  • Promote cooperation, enhance synergies and support the exchange of good/best practices between Erasmus+ projects active in Armenia.
  • Guidance
  • Capacity Building


  • Raise the awareness, visibility, relevance, effectiveness and impact of the international components of the Erasmus+ programme and its dissemination in Armenia.
  • Disseminate Erasmus+ higher education and VET project results and support HEIs & VET providers in their exploitation, creating thematic networks and cluster meetings based on project progress and outcomes.
  • Assist the European Commission, the EACEA, or any other authorised bodies in their selection, monitoring and/or audit visits to project sites.
  • Provide policy support to the national authorities & EU Delegation in Armenia with the help of the national team of Erasmus+ Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs).
  • Evaluation
  • Reporting


Lana Karlova

NEO Coordinator

Arpine Hunanyan

Programme Manager

Arpine Jraghatspanyan

Programme Manager

Nvard Manvelyan