Newly Published Erasmus+ Country Factsheets, including Armenia

The European Commission has just published a series of regional and country factsheets on the international dimension of Erasmus+. On the website you’ll find:

1. Regional factsheets
A series of eight factsheets with figures and examples showing how Erasmus+ is working in regions throughout the world. These show the aggregated statistics per region, plus some examples of projects. They are designed primarily to give top-level information to people who are familiar with the programme, but they can also serve as an introduction to newcomers.
2. Partner Country factsheets
In total there are almost 100 Partner Country factsheets. These are two-pager factsheets per country with facts and figures on Erasmus+ higher education projects and scholarships for Partner Countries worldwide. 
3. Programme Country factsheets
These 33 two-pagers show how European Programme Countries are involved in Erasmus+ international cooperation and mobility projects with the rest of the world.

The New Erasmus+ Higher Education Factsheet on Armenia can be found here. It helps to report to a range of stakeholders on the impact that Erasmus+ projects and mobility are having on Armenia. The 2018 batch should be issued in late September of October. We hope you will find this document useful.  

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