Thematic meeting “Teaching and Learning Methods” took place at Yerevan State University

On 22 November 2022 Yerevan State University hosted a  Thematic Discussion on “Teaching and Learning Methods”. Rectors, Vice Rector, Teachers/Lecturers, and Directors of Armenian VET participated in the discussion.

The welcome speech and opening remarks were given by Mr. Karen Trchunyan, the Deputy Minister of Education Science, Culture and Sport, Ms. Lana Karlova, Coordinator of the National Erasmus+ Office in Armenia, and Ms. Elina Asriyan, the Vice-Rector on Academi0c Affairs, Yerevan State University.

The basis of the development of any society is the growth and refinement of education. During COVID-19 the need to use new teaching and learning methods emerged. There is already a lot of research available that supports the need for creative and innovative methods in the teaching and learning process.

A number of capacity building projects of the Erasmus+ Programme have either completely or partially addressed the mentioned problems. Thus, practical teaching, the integration of technologies in the teaching process, the introduction of short-term courses for the purpose of skill formation, the introduction of innovations in educational programs, the compliance of teaching methods and labor market requirements in educational programs are the main directions that were studied in the mentioned programs.

In a moderated panel discussion formal, the representatives of the Erasmus+ Capacity Building projects PRINTeL, ABIONET, TOPAS, MENVIPRO and REFINE shared their ideas about the impact of the programs, and reflected on the main obstacles encountered during the implementation. Within the framework of these programs, the relevance of teaching methods and labor market requirements, the introduction of innovations in curricula, the introduction of short-term courses and other important issues that make visible the modernity of educational programs and internationalization trends have been touched upon.

The first panel was devoted to the capacity building projects and their best practice. The second part was devoted to the presentation of experience by different stakeholders involved in the teaching and quality assurance of the educational process. The discussion led to assessment of innovative methods used by lecturers in the auditorium, and the quality of their implementation. There were questions and comments from the audience about systemic reforms of higher education, successes, and failures of their implementation. The panel discussions were moderated by the Erasmus+ Higher Education Reform Experts Ms. Arevik Ohanyan and Ms. Kristine Gevorgyan.

This meeting was aimed at the presentation of the best practices offered within the framework of the above-mentioned CBHE projects. The discussion of the obstacles encountered during the implementation, as well as the impact of the projects at the institutional level, were also touched upon.

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