Swedish-Armenian Contact Seminar in Yerevan

On 13-14 October, 2016 Swedish-Armenian Contact Seminar was organised in Yerevan with focus on bilateral and international cooperation within Erasmus+, as well as Linnaeus-Palme and Visby programmes. The agency decided to organize similar seminars in Tbilisi for Georgian and one in Yerevan for Armenian participants. The seminar in Yerevan was held on 1 October. H.E. Diana Janse, Ambassador of Sweden to Georgia and Armenia delivered the opening speech. The participant sides presented the higher education systems of their respective countries whereas the representatives of the various educational programs had the chance to introduce the programs in brief. The participants of the seminar had a good opportunity to meet new potential partners and build up a good contact network for future collaboration.

The main purpose of the contact seminars is to facilitate the contact between Swedish higher education scholars and administrators and their counterparts in the Caucaus region. The aim is to create new partnerships that will collaborate in the preparation of applications within the Tempus, Erasmus Mundus and Linnaeus-Palme programs.The Swedish side is funding the seminar with the intention to stimulate, facilitate and encourage Swedish participation in international cooperation programmes.

Photos can be found here

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