Erasmus+ PRINTeL Capacity Building Project Kick Off in Yerevan
On February 15-16, the representatives of a number of Armenian, Georgian, Belorussian and European Universities gathered in Yerevan State University (YSU) for the Kick Off meeting of Erasmus+ PRINTeL  “Changes in the lecture hall: innovative teaching and learning support to improve student performance in the Eastern Partnership countries” project.  The project, proposed and coordinated by YSU, was approved within the framework of the Erasmus+ KA 2: Capacity Building in Higher Education  and received a three-year funding from the European Commission for 2018-2020․ 

Erasmus+ PRINTeL project is aimed at the solution of one of the main challenges of higher education, i.e. the development and promotion of teaching and learning methods, as well as the introduction of new technologies in the teaching process. In the modern world, this is also a priority in the global system of higher education.

Project Coordinator and  Director of YSU Quality Assurance Center Armen Budaghyan presented the project’s mission, coordination and expected results. He underlined that the main objective is to improve the student’s learning experience in the country and to promote the development and innovation of teaching and learning, to support teaching technology and research, as well as the application of the best experience. According to the organizers, a number of processes will be implemented to achieve this goal, aimed at strengthening the training centers for tutors, increasing the capacity of the teaching staff of the partner universities, and developing their new teaching skills.It is also planned to set up a virtual academy of teaching and learning as a virtual platform for the development of students’ skills and abilities. 

PRINTeL project consortium includes leading universities in Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Austria. PRINTeL is coordinated by YSU Quality Assurance Center, in the person of the Head of the Center Armen Budaghyan ( More information on Erasmus+ PRINTeL project can be found here.


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