Erasmus+ “Modernization of Environment Protection Studies Programmes for Armenia And Georgia” (MENVIPRO) Project Kick Off in Yerevan
On 14-15 January, 2019 Erasmus+ KA2 ”Modernization of Environment Protection Studies Programmes for Armenia And Georgia” (MENVIPRO) project Kick Off Meeting took place in the
Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies  (CENS) of National Academy of Science of RA, Yerevan. 
It was attended by the representatives from the University of Tuscia, Italy (Coordinator), from Armenian project partner institutions: Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies, International Scientific Educational Center of National Academy of Sciences of RA, Gavar State University; from Georgian project partner institutions: Ilia State University, The University Of Georgia, Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association, as well as from the European project partner Universities: National Research Council (Italy), University of Halle-Wittenberg (Germany), GIRAF g.m.b.h. (Germany) and University of Lisbon (Portugal).
The participants discussed one-year work plan, including the schedule of the next work meetings, the initial structure and directions of the educational programs, the content and expected outcomes of the curricula significant for the project implementation.
The main objective of MENVIPRO project is to significantly improve the quality of Master of Science (MSc.) studies in the field of Environment Protection in Armenia and Georgia on the basis of complex modernization of the curricula in line with the Bologna principles. In order to radically modernize the Master’s level education in Environmental Protection- technology-intensive domain of knowledge – the project will establish a unique inter-University education and research facility (airlab), which will be used for student projects, collaborative projects with external stakeholders and demonstration activities to reinforce links to the University environment and promote environment-friendly mindsets.
MENVIPRO project is an important achievement not for only the project partner Universities and the external stakeholders, but also is an important factor for the investment of the outcomes, for the continuous improvement, modernization, internationalization of higher education, for the strengthening of the cooperation between education and industry, as well as for the experience exchange between the EU and Armenian and Georgian higher education institutions. 
The project has a newly developed website ( which will be populated with materials: curricula, deliverables and results through the course of MENVIRO project progress. 
Project Kick Off proceedings (agenda, project Work Package presentation) can be found here.
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