Erasmus+ Cluster Meeting and Networking at FAST Foundation

On December 23 a Cluster meeting of with the representatives of 4 Erasmus+ capacity building projects,  FAST Foundation for Science and Technology ( and Horizon2020 National Contact Point ( in Armenia was initiated by NEO as a joint initiative and platform for facilitating cooperation between the Universities that work towards modernization of their institutional research infrastructures for Doctoral education at institutional and national levels, and investment businesses interested in developing the research ecosystem in Armenia. 

The meeting, organised at FAST Foundation, started with a tour on the premises. A welcome speech was made by NEO Coordinator Mrs. Lana Karlova followed by introduction to the Foundations’ activities by the VP/Director on Partnerships and Programs Mrs. Suzanna Shamakhyan (Click Here). She presented  the host organisation’s  main mission, that is to produce an ecosystem that drives technological innovation and scientific advancement in Armenia and beyond by engaging technological and scientific communities in raising the scientific profile of the country. Forecasts on R&D developments and Fast’s investment actions (FAST Fellowship, ASCENT programme) were also shared with the participants.

Next,  2 representatives  from each of the following ongoing and new Erasmus+ CBHE projects made a short presentation on main objectives and expected results of their project:

  • MINERVA project (Strengthening Research Management and Open Science Capacities of HEIs in Moldova and Armenia) was presented by the National Coordinator from Yerevan Brusov State University of Language and Social Sciences Mrs Anna Chulyan (Click Here)

  • MODEST project (Modernisation of Doctoral Education in Science and Improvement of Teaching Methods) was presented by the Local Coordinator from National Polytechnic University of Armenia Mr. Gevorg Markarov (Click Here).

  • DPPHSS (Doctoral Programmes in Public Health and Social Science) was presented by the Project Coordinator from Yerevan State Medical University Mr. Artashes Tadevosyan (Click Here).

  • ARMDOCT project (Reforming Doctoral Education in Armenia in Line with Needs of Academia, Industry and Current EU Practices), which is to start in 2020, was briefed by Project Coordinator Mrs. Arevik Ohanyan from Eurasia International University (Click Here).

The above projects share common goals and features for a cluster meeting: the focus of their activities is development of Doctoral Schools/Training centers and contribution to the development/amendment of a national regulatory framework for 3rd cycle education in Armenia. The presentations followed by a  discussion concerning the potential for cooperation and support from external stakeholders, such as FAST Foundation or Horizon2020 NCP in Armenia. 

It was agreed that a follow up meeting between Erasmus+ ARMDOCT and FAST Foundation will take place after the project’s official Kick Off Meeting in February 2020. The project representatives agreed to sustain this newly developing network and organise another get together in a year’s period, when some tangible outputs and results are achieved within their Erasmus+ CBHE projects. 

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