“Ensuring Quality in Scholarly Research” Erasmus+ Regional Seminar in Yerevan

On October 15-16 an Erasmus+ Regional Seminar under the the theme “Ensuring Quality in Scholarly Research” was held in Yerevan State University. The event wass organised in the frames of the Technical Assistance Missions (TAM) to the National Team of Erasmus+ Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs) in Armenia. 
The aim of this seminar was to assist in developing specific framework of research quality assurance mechanisms, which will ensure research quality on the 3rd level of education.

The target audience were Erasmus+ higher education reform experts from from Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine, Quality Assurance developers, academic coordinators, lecturers, and 2nd and 3rd cycle students from target countries.
The 2-day event combined the plenary and breakdown sessions delivered by international experts Ms. Melita Kovačević  (Professor, University of Zagreb, Croatia) and Mr. Aleh Cherp (Professor, Lund University, Sweden).


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