“COVID-19 Impact on Erasmus+ ICM Students from and to Armenia” Study Presentation with ESN

On December 22 an online presentation and discussion of the “Covid-19 Impact on Erasmus+ ICM Students from and to Armenia” report and its recommendations was organized by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Yerevan Candidate Section and the National Erasmus+ Office in Armenia.

The seminar started with opening speeches deivered by the Coordinator of the National Erasmus+ Office in Armenia Ms. Lana Karlova, the President of ESN Yerevan CS Ms. Nensi Mkrtchyan, and the Vice President of the ESN International Ms. Tajana Mohnacki, who highly valued the opportunity to learn about the mobility restrictions faced specifically by the Armenian ICM participants. The main aim of the meeting was to introduce the outcomes of the reports to Erasmus+ ICM coordinators of Armenian HEIs. 

Ms. Tajana Mohnacki presented the  overview of the general survey on “Impact of COVID-19 on student exchanges in Europe” prepared by the ESN International. The speaker said that the research is aimed at the identification of the challenges as a result of the virus outbreak and possible solutions of the situation to the current and future exchange students of higher education institutions.

“Covid-19 Impact on Erasmus+ ICM Students from and to Armenia” survey was introduced by the President of ESN Yerevan CS Ms. Nensi Mkrtchyan, Vice President Ms. Shushanik Galoyan and Treasurer Ms. Hermine Fanyan. The speakers noted the main findings: the list of host countries in which the survey was implemented, the impact of the pandemic on the exchange process, challenges for the students and provided support to them. A number of recommendations were presented to overcome the emergency situation caused by the COVID-19 epidemic and such challenges in the future.

The presentations were followed up by a discussion between the participants as well as Q&A from the NEO’s Facebook page followers. The sides exchanged views on further steps to overcome the crisis caused by lockdown and travel restrictions. Availability of the exchange opportunities during the next semester were followed through the specialist of the International Cooperation Department of the Armenian State Pedagogical University Ms. Raisa Avetyan, who presented the forthcoming Erasmus+ academic mobility opportunity with Spanish partner University. Erasmus+ ICM responsible on behalf of the Career Center  of the Brusov State University Ms. Ani Hovsepyan expressed her gratitude to the team of ESN Yerevan CS for the activities carried out, confirming the readiness for further fruitful cooperation. She also mentioned that next semester BSU is expecting  to host an exchange of a trainee from the Valladolid University, Spain. Erasmus+ ICM coordinator from the American University of Armenia Ms. Angela Balasanyan, in her turn, mentioned AUA’s decision to decline all incoming mobility offers, including KA 107.

At the end of the meeting, the participants expressed their gratitude for the effective discussion, shared their impressions and expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation.

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