Consultation Meeting on Jean Monnet Applications

On the 24th of May 2021, the National Erasmus Office of Armenia and the Center of Interdisciplinary Studies of Brusov State University initiated a Consultation Meeting on Jean Monnet Activities.

Faculty representatives from Gavar State University, Brusov State University, Russian Armenian University, European University, and the National Agrarian University of Armenia participated in the event. The attendees were either interested to apply or were already working on the Application forms of Jean Monnet Actions (Modules, Chairs, or Centres of Excellence).

Anna Khvorostyankina, Coordinator of Jean Monnet Module “Legal Approximation Laboratory” from Brusov State University and Kristine Gevorgyan, Erasmus+ Higher Education Reform Expert (HERE), Jean Monnet Module Coordinator from Yerevan State University provided clarifications on the application procedure, budget provisions, content-related issues, technical and other aspects.

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