Erasmus+ Scholarship Opportunities Presented at Team Time Anticafe



On February 24, following an invitation on behalf of the First Business School in Armenia, Erasmus+ scholarships and other EU funding opportunities in higher education were presented to the students and other interested parties at Team Time anti-cafe.  National Erasmus+ Office (NEO) staff helped the participants to find answers to the following questions concerning the financial opportunities of Erasmus+ Programme: 

  • I want to study in Europe but I can’t afford it: how can Erasmus+ Programme support me?
  • How to apply for Erasmus+ scholarships?
  • Can I still participate in Erasmus+ exchange if my University does not have an agreement with the University abroad? 
  • Can I participate in more than one Erasmus+ exchange as a student? 
  • Can I get a scholarship to complete a Master’s degree abroad? 
  • Where should I look for the Catalogue of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree scholarship programmes
  • What are the foreign language requirements?
  • What kind of financial support/scholarship will I receive? 
  • What are the benefits of Erasmus+

Information session was held by the NEO Programme Officers Ani Torosyan and Edith Soghomonyan. Not only did the participants received comprehensive answers to the above questions, but they were introduced to the best tools for finding relevant and timely information on Erasmus+ scholarship opportunities and calls for Armenian applicants – the official  website of the Programme, the website of the National Office in Armenia ( with its social media outlets such as Facebook ( and Twitter ( Regularly updated website and social networks are the fastest and most effective means for disseminating information that is actively used to present the activities, open information sessions, trainings and other events organised by the NEO and disseminate information to project stakeholders.

At the end of the information session, all participants were attended to an online quiz covering Erasmus+ opportunities presented earlier, as well as some curious questions regarding European cultures and lifestyle. The quiz helped to test their knowledge and attention to detail. The first two winners of the quiz received awards – goodies prepared by the National Erasmus+ Office.

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