Research scholarships for EaP countries under the joint initiative of EUI / International Visegrad Fund

The European University Institute and the International Visegrad Fund have launched a new grant programme for postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers from the Visegrad 4, the Western Balkans, and Eastern Partnership Regions for archival research on the history of European integration at the Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU).

The grant programme provides young scholars from the above-mentioned regions interested in European integration at large with a unique research experience in the HAEU embedded in the international scholarly community of the EUI in Florence. To address the challenges brought by the current health emergency, the HAEU offers the digitisation on demand of archival files needed by researchers, thus ensuring operational continuity of the grant programme also during the Covid pandemic.

The following candidates from Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, the Western Balkans, and the Eastern Partnership region, are eligible to apply:

  • All current postgraduate students (master’s and doctoral candidates);
  • All postdoctoral researchers or university teachers who have completed a master’s degree or doctorate within ten years preceding the date the application is submitted and who currently hold an academic appointment.

Successful applicants will prepare a publication (thesis, dissertation, book or scholarly article) relating to European integration in any of the disciplines of human and social sciences (e.g. law, history, political science, economics, sociology, public administration). Research projects presented by postgraduate students or postdoctoral researchers should preferably relate directly to their master’s or doctoral field of research.

In view of the languages used in European Union archival documents, candidates should have a sound knowledge of English and basic knowledge of French.

The grant programme for 2021-2022 comprises two deadlines for applications per year, one on 30 April and the other on 31 October. Application information and eligibility requirements for the new International Visegrad Fund Research Grant Programme may be found here

For additional information and queries please get in touch with the Secretariat via

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