“Innovating learning and teaching. Student-centered education” Workshop with Erasmus+ HERE in Goris

On May 28, 2016 the representative of Armenian National team of Erasmus+ Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs), Mary Hayrapetyan, visited Goris State University (GorSU). The aim of the following visit was meeting student representatives of the university and organising a workshop on “Innovating learning and teaching. Student-centered style of education”. 

The workshop aimed to underline the importance of innovations in studying process and discuss the differences between the lecturer-centered and student-centered models of teaching and learning. It is worth pointing out that student-centered learning is one of the vital goals of the Bologna Process and is supported and facilitated by the Bologna structural reforms. The 2015 Yerevan Communiqué once again puts an emphasis on it.

GorSU students had a short presentation on the main concepts of the student-centered approach of higher education. The latter were further developed during hands on workshop. In order to get a full insight on the topic, students had a role play simulation and then represented their own ideas on what  “student-centeredness” means to them. they tried to create the ideal model of education and give solutions to existing problems.

Presentation can be found here

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