Erasmus Mundus Graduate Impact Survey 2017

Erasmus Mundus Graduate Impact Survey 2017 has been published. To support the European Commission‘s initiative to assure the long-term quality of the course programmes and to configure the factors contributing to their personal and professional development, Graduate Impact Survey has successfully examined the impacts of the Erasmus Mundus Master Degree programmes on graduates and students.

As a summary based on the 1,740 responses, the participating Erasmus Mundus students and graduates of 2017 were highly satisfied with their Erasmus Mundus experience in terms of offered programme, mobility and course quality.

Highlights of the Graduate Impact Survey: 
– Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programmes have its greatest positive impact on their intercultural competencies. 
– Majority of job-seekers found a job in their desired job locations (89.2%) and within six months after graduation (79.3%)
– 57.7% of the graduates got a job in their home country, and 29.7% took on a job within EU. 
– Unemployed graduates are tangled by visa or work permit issues, while 15.9% (only 13 graduates) claimed that their Erasmus Mundus degree was not recognized.
– 66.8% of the graduates claimed that their Master’s programme had prepared them well, and 8.4% is the opposite for career development.

In conclusion, most of the Erasmus Mundus graduates were mostly satisfied and successful on the labor market, while the request for the career mentoring is quite demanding.

You can have access to the Full Report 2017, as well as previous Graduate Impact Surveys (2016,2015, 2012-2013, etc.) here:

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