Virtual exchanges and education on digital skills (VIRTUALLYEDU)

Project number 101111952
Duration 2023-2026
Grant 494,408.00 €
Applicant (Coordinator) 1.      Stiftelsen Kursverksamheten Vid U-Auniversitet (Sweden)


1.      Armenian State University of Economics

2.      Komitas Yerevan State Conservatory

EU partners


2.      Mitropolitiko College Anoymi Ekpaideytiki Etairia (Greece)
Other Partner
1.      Union Georgian Youth for Europe (Georgia)

2.      Caucasus University (Georgia)

3.      International Black Sea University LTD (Georgia)

4.      Vinnytsia Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi State Pedagogical University (Ukraine)

5.      Saglam Dusunce Gencler Teskilati Ictimai Birliyi (Azerbaijan)

6.      National Assembly of Youth Organizations (Azerbaijan)

Project Summary


VIRTUALLYEDU is an international Virtual Exchange program that aims to engage over 2.500 students of HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) from EU State Members and Eastern Neighborhood Countries in activities that will promote digital savvy and cybersecurity knowledge. The consortium consists of 11 partner HEIs and youth organisations from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Georgia and Sweden. Embodying the European scope of digital upskilling of young learners, VIRTUALLYEDU will develop a curriculum consisted of 10 courses identified by the partnership, on digital skills and cybersecurity, which will be delivered through an existing MOOC platform of one of the partners.

In particular, the VIRTUALLYEDU project aims to:

  • to upskill students in digital skills and online safety
  • to bring together HEI staff and students from EU and Eastern Neighborhood countries
  • provide new teaching and learning approaches, within the framework of virtual education and training,
  • to establish a sustainable open access material for long-term use, enhance the capacity of students to participate adequately in virtual exchange activities and boost employability in the digital era.