Fostering University-Enterprise Cooperation and Entrepreneurship of Students Via Smart Caffes (SMART)

Project title







36 months (2017-2020)




1.000.000 €  


Applicant (Coordinator)



Mr. Thomas Thomidis –

Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki – Greece


Local Coordinators






Gavar State University (GSU): Mrs. Ruzanna Hakobyan –

Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences (YSULSS): Mr. Levon Babamyan –   

Youth Cooperation Centre of Dilijan NGO: Mr. Artur Ghazaryan –


EU partners





Fundacion Universitaria San Antonio – Spain

Katholieke Hogeschool Vives Zuid – Belgium

Universitaet Paderborn – Germany

Visshe Uchilishte Po Menidzhmant – Bulgaria


Partner countries



















Gavar State University (GSU)

Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences (YSULSS)

Youth Cooperation Centre of Dilijan NGO



Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

Association for supporting innovation and sustainable development Impuls

Universitatea Agrara De Stat Din Moldova

Universitatea De Sta Alecu Russo Din Balti



Belarusian Trade And Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives

Educational Institution “Minsk Innovation University”

Belarusian Innovative Fund


Project Summary

This project proposal is concrete response to the challenges that address Armenia, Moldova, Belarus (its detailed description is provided in application form). It aim to encourage students’ entrepreneurial intent and support open innovation approach in collaboration between companies and universities in creative, supportive and motivating environment – SMART Caffes. The core idea is to provoke (stimulate, motivate) students and young researchers to actively use their intellectual potential to generate innovative ideas. During this process student teams will have the opportunity to be mentored, guided and advised by company representatives and university staff.

The following PROJECT PRODUCTS are expected to be sustainable long after the end of the EU funding:

7 SMART Caffes(SCs) &their network;

4 new trainings elaborated for teaching stuff of SCs

8 new trainings elaborated for students enrolled in SCs

IT multifunctional platform SMART_CHANNEL

Book: from Idea to running business in EN,RO,RU,AM,BLR

Market for Ideas in EN and RO/or RU/or AM/ or BLR

Running EaPC students’ start up competition &annual regional conference

Revised curricula in MD, AM, BLR

EXPECTED IMPACT is envisaged on:

Institutional level: new teaching approaches implemented, teaching staff skills increased, entrepreneurial skills of students fostered, improved quality of education.

Regional level: new model of a public-private-people partnership fits to EaCP created, strong Network of motivating environment for students (SMART Caffes ) created, contact-building between entrepreneurs – students –HEIs improved.

National level: the role of HEIs in society in each EaCP extend, different perspectives crossed, interactions between technologies & market fostered.

European level: fostering the integration process of EaCP HEI into the European Higher Education Area, built as an area which using common tools. Thus, EaCP update their higher education systems making them more compatible with EU standards.